DecemBRRRRRR Holiday Dazzle

December is one of my favorite months of the year. It's cold alright, but looking at the bright side, Christmas with snow and winter jacket go together pretty well (to me anyway, but not to those who live in Australia :) ). The Christmas tree, the ornaments, red and green decoration, making and decorating cookies.... and the cold weather makes it nice to cuddle with your loved ones :) Fiorina loves playing in the snow too. We haven't had too much snow yet (knock on least not at Prior Lake), so she hasn't been able to build a snowman, however, the library in town host a FROZEN family date night last Thursday on the 4th and Fiorina said she wanted to go and decorate FROZEN cookie, make snowflake, color and play some Snowman Slam game. I didn't get nice photos with my phone and they were blurry, but what the heck... I went ahead and took some photos. There was also music by The Roe Family Singers. We both actually enjoyed the music. They featured mixes of original and old-time tunes. Lots of kids were dancing, Fiorina wasn't sure about that part. She just wanted to sit next to me cuddling and listening to music and eating cookies that she decorated :)

The next day the city hosted a Holiday Dazzle event from 5 - 8 pm. We've been going to this event every year since 2011 when Fiorina was one year old. Christmas decoration was up at the Pavilion located at Lake Front Park

Fiorina's first pony ride. I could tell she's a bit "tense" but she told me later that she loved it and made me promise to bring her to pony ride again soon ;)

There was also ice carving, which both kids were really mesmerized and so was I.

There was also reindeer and the sleigh

I could hardly felt my fingers after snapping few shots. It said 32 degrees, but I think the wind chill was much much colder than that. So, it's nice to have this giant bonfire to thaw ourselves out.

There was also ice skating, ice bowling, and concession, but I didn't get a chance to take photo of those and also meet a Santa, but the queue was almost one-hour long and we gave up because it was too cold (can't you tell I'm not a true Minnesotans) and Iven had been sick and so, we called it a night after the bonfire. It was a really fun night for all of us. Fiorina was a bit disappointed that she didn't get to take a photo with Santa, but she was still thrilled with her pony ride, petting the reindeer and the bon fire ;)

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