Top 11 DIY Science Kits for Kids

Here is a fun way to keep your children entertained on these long Minnesotan winter days: science projects. Searching the internet for experiments and making a list of all the ingredients you need is time consuming and may take longer than the actual experiments but a tutorial makes this part easy breezy. I give you not one but 11 tutorials on how to put together a science kit for kids. You can do it ahead of time and just take it out when needed. 
Many of the bloggers below if not all created these science kits as birthday or Christmas gifts.

Source: Little Bins for Little Hands

This science kit is targeted for preschoolers and contains 20 simple experiments to get your started. These experiments are perfect for the youngest scientist but can accommodate an older child as well with some additional tweaks like journaling, graphing, and predicting. Several ages can all learn together if necessary. There is always plenty of room for creativity, discovery and exploration!

Source: Playdough to Plato

Whether you’re looking for an insanely cool science gift for kids or you need a list of go-to science supplies, this DIY home science kit has you covered. Most of the supplies are available at the dollar store and the free experiment cards include eight ready to go activities little Einsteins will love. Cost: $20.

 Source: I Can Teach My Child

A tutorial that offers not only the ingredient list but the experiments are nicely presented as an ebook that you can print for free. Wanna add some matching printable gift tag? You got it! The science kit has been put together for less than $20 and contains also goggles and personalized lab coat.

 Source: Gluesticks

This kit comes with 12 projects and for each you'll have a free "recipe" card to print. What I like about it is that every card matches a ziploc bag with all the supplies for the each experiment. All the kiddo has to do is grab a bag and get busy.

Source: Teach-A-Roo

This kit created by a teacher contains some fun and cheap supplies to complete the experiments, a "Science Experiments at Home" booklet with instructions for 12 science experiments and a handy  "My Science Notebook" for the kiddos to record their observations.  You can download everything for $5.

Source: Little Homeschool Blessings

14 experiments put together by a mom for her son for Christmas. She even made a fun name badge! If you want to replicate this kit you're provided with a list of materials and instructions for each experiment. 

Source: A Girl and a Glue Gun

Don't you love the presentation on this one? It's neat! The science box contains supplies for 17 experiments, science notes, goggles and gloves (for safety sake) and some snickers (scientists do get hungry! ). Free printables available.

Source: Meet Penny

An impressive directory of science experiments that you can put together in just minutes. You can choose all or just some of them for your kit. You'll also find a list of experiment ingredients as well as ideas for wardrobe ( in case your child wants to dress the part) and measuring tools.

Source: The Kitchen Pantry Scientist

This kit comes not only with a list of experiments and the necessary ingredients but also some how-to videos. You can get all the ingredients in a single shopping trip to Target. Safety goggles, petri dishes,magnets, plastic test tubes, eyedroppers, magnifying glasses, plastic beakers and graduated cylinders are great additions to the kit! 

Source: Science Sparks

In case you're thinking of gifting a science kit, check out the above link for 4 nicely presented and free printable versions of experiments for kids.

Source: Kids Activities Blog

This kit has ingredients and very detailed explanations for 3 science experiments.

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