14 Non-Toy Gifts for Kids for less than $20

Some non-toy gifts can be expensive but I was curious to see how many affordable gifts are out there. I managed to put together a list of 14 gifts for kids for less than $20. Under each category you will find links to the providers of the gifts.
You may also want to take a look at the list of 10 local gifts for $25 and less.

Magazine subscriptions at: National Geographic Little Kids, Ranger Rick Jr, Zoobies and Zootles.

Freckle Box offers a great variety of personalized gifts for kids.

Little Passports has a coin collection kit which includes 20 real coins from around the world, handy storage pouch, magnifying glass and 10-page booklet featuring fun coin activities and trivia.
Kiwi Crate will send the birthday kid a crate filled with all the material and inspiration for 2 - 3 hands on projects.

If you're a DIY person you may consider putting together a science kit (find here a tutorial and free printables) or creating your kid's own book (click here for the tutorial).