FREE indoor activities for the kids of Minnetonka: the Ridgedale Library

My kids and I love the Ridgedale Library. It was the first library we visited after moving to Plymouth and we simply fell in love with it. It is definitely our favorite and I take the kids there pretty often.

There are several reasons why the Ridgedale Library is so special.
1. The kid area is spacious and separated.
2. There is always a librarian on duty, to help you in locating books or with any other questions. (I've been to libraries where there is no desk at the kid area and no librarian at hand, so you'll have to either take your kids and go look for one or hope one will eventually show up).
2. Toys and activities rotate periodically but at the same time some remain the same: the kitchen and the reading area.
3. Their story time is great! I've been going to the baby story time for about 2 years, started when my oldest was one and now it's my youngest turn.

What I also like about this library is that they have books picked by librarians on display. My youngest is only 19 months old and he's very energetic, always finding new things he could climb on, so I need to constantly keep an eye on him and sometimes have to time to browse for books. Having these books at hand makes my job really easy and I end up checking out many of them. Great selection every time!

One time I took the kids to the library last December, they were having a wind tunnel. Needless to say it was a hit!

What's your favorite local library?


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