FREE indoor activities for kids in the Twin Cities: Cabela's

Free Indoor Places for Kids in the Twin Cities: Cabela's
You don't have to look for an indoor playground to offer your kid a fun time on these cold winter days or pay for a ticket at the Museum of Natural History to see the animals. All you have to do is go to the Cabela's . Children can burn their energy wandering about in this huge  store, go up and down the stairs, admire a lot of animals (from ducks and squirrels toions and zebras) displayed in beautiful dioramas.

My 3-year old son loves the elevator and though the store has so much to offer for kids of his age, all he wants to do is take the elevator up and down.  You can see on his face that he's so thrilled about it so instead of trying to convince him to follow me and go see the animals, I surrender and join him in his elevator rides.  The best I can do to detour him is to suggest to take the stairs up and the elevator down, or the other way around.

Last time we went to Cabela's in Rogers, which was a few days ago, I convinced Victor to take a break only to get some fudge. Oh, yes!  A big advantage over the indoor playgrounds where you can't enter with food and beverages, is that at Cabela's you can get a sweet treat from right there. They have over 30 mouth-watering flavors to choose from.  Fudge made fresh daily! We got M&M fudge for the boys (Victor's request) and caramel apple pie for grandma and me. Delish!

Next to the fudge store, you can take a break on one of the displayed armchairs, right next to the fireplace and the Christmas tree. Seeing all the presents under the Christmas tree made Victor believe Santa came already and he was eager to open them and play with all those toys. I was afraid of a tantrum while trying to pull Victor away from the presents but then an idea crossed my mind: "Let's take the elevator  down." Victor welcomed my idea with a big smile and jumped on his feet to go push the button.

In order to convince him to go home I had to promise to come back to Cabela's and so we will.

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