Indoor activities for kids in Eden Prairie: Prairie Play Zone

One thing that I've been telling my husband is "I actually like Minnesota. There are lots of kid/family-friendly places here" (notice the word "actually"). The reason why the "actually" is there because I DO NOT like to be buried in snow and the winter here in Minnesota, is not for the faint of heart like mine. Once the winter arrives, I usually forget about what I've said to my husband ha.ha..! But, I do feel grateful for many indoor places I can bring my kids to during this super cold weather. One of the places that we've been visiting often with Stef is this Prairie Play Zone located inside the Eden Prairie Community Center. Actually Stef discovered this place and we've been having play date there pretty often.

One morning when Fiorina didn't have school, she was begging me to bring her to an indoor play area (at Mc. Donald's to be specific). I didn't want to because I knew she would have wanted to have her lunch there (nuggets and fries ? no babe). She loves climbing, sliding, jumping, doing gymnastic or whatever you could imagine these days. At the same time, Iven is learning to walk and I can no longer just strap him on the stroller. I need a place that is also "friendly" to him. So, off we went to Prairie Play Zone that morning. I like how they have the toddler zone (fully padded) and then the play structure above and all the way to the side.

At least Iven could play and if he fell I'm not so worry about it because it's padded

Seemed like Fiorina liked the toddler area too lol. I guess it's a bit lonely having to crawl through the play structure on her own

She really likes this climbing area though

Entrance to the play zone is $4.00 for kids 18 months to 4 years old and $5.00 for kids above 5 years. We headed to the open gym after this (which is just next to the play zone area), but I didn't get any photos there because Iven started to get cranky and glued to me like a kangaroo baby to his mama ;) Fiorina really had fun playing at the Prairie Play Zone and I think Iven did too. 

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