Free Demo Classes : Music Together

Last Thursday Fiorina and I went to a free demo class by Music Together at the library in Prior Lake. We were almost late and couldn't find the parking and from the parking lot, I could tell there must be lots of people and boy was I right!! there were probably at least 30 kids in there maybe ? It was packed for sure.
It was a pretty engaging music class. Fiorina loved the music and I did too. Fiorina has been listening to the CDs from Mac Phail Center for Music and she loved all the songs in there and she was excited to hear some of the songs during this demo class too. Sarah was the teacher that day and she was wonderful. Such a natural with her guitar and singing.

I personally think demo class is the best way to get a taste of what the class is going to be like before you enroll your kiddos into one of the classes. This is a music and movement classes for children from birth to kindergarten. It's wonderful that they are doing the demo class and the winter session begins in January 3rd in most locations. You can view the schedule and register here .

Music classes make great Christmas or birthday gifts. Find here more non-toy gifts ideas for your kids.


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